Why Create A Facebook Business Page?

Adding a Facebook Business Page is an important step for every business for several reasons:

  1. Adding a Facebook Business Page is simple. See How to Create A Facebook Page for Your Business: 6 Simple Steps
  2. Adding a Facebook Business Page is free.
  3. A Facebook Business Page gives your business a way to interact with your customers on a more personal level. Customers are more likely to prefer your business if you have had personal interaction them. Facebook interaction usually develops trust.
  4. Facebook Business Page content can be indexed by Google and Yahoo, allowing your content to be found by future customers searching the web. Using your personal Facebook for your business is a bad idea because Personal Facebook Pages are not public which does not allow your content to be found by search engines.
  5. Your business can post updates, information on sales, and other information to customers who have liked your Facebook Business Page. The updates are posted in your fan's newsfeed.
  6. A Facebook Business Page does not have a limit on the number of fans. Your Personal Facebook Page has a limit of 5,000 friends.
  7. Facebook Business Pages offer analytics which may help you understand your customers better.
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