What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Ever wished your business could edit your own website content? Editing your own content is certainly cheaper than paying a web designer to edit content. It also allows your company to get your website changed whenever you need to make a change, even in the middle of the night. A Content Management System (CMS) separates the design of your website from the content of your website. The CMS allows the website owner to log into an administrative screen on their internet browser and edit the website content. The CMS then stores the new website information, usually in a database. When someone accesses your website, information from the database is used to create the web page.

Content Management Systems are used for most blogs and e-commerce shopping sites, as well as many company websites. WordPress is a content management system originally designed for use with blogs. WordPress has now developed into a full fledged content management system which works well for company websites. Joomla is also popular content management systems used for small and large company websites. ShopSite provides an e-commerce shopping solution with a CMS which allows store owners to edit store content, and manage orders, shipping and payments.

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