How to Add Images to your Tweets! Uploading an Image Gallery to Twitter

Have you tried Twitter’s new feature to add images to your Tweets?

Here’s how:

1. In the tweet box for your new tweet, enter the text for your new tweet, if any. Then, click on the small camera icon in the lower left corner.

2. Select the image that you would like to attach to your tweet. Images must be 3MB or smaller in jpeg, gif or png format.

3. Now you will see either a thumbnail preview of your image or the image filename in the bottom of the tweet box, depending upon the browser. The link to the image counts as part of your 140 characters, so you’ll notice the remaining character count next to the Tweet button goes down by about 21 characters.

4. Click the Tweet button to publish your tweet with the uploaded image. The image will be uploaded by Twitter and hosted on Photobucket.

5. Your new tweet will appear on your profile and home page. Click on the tiny photos icon on the top right of your published tweet to see an expanded right section with your image.

6. Your recently tweeted images will also show up in a photo gallery of recent images on the right side of your profile page.

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