Search Engine Optimization SEO

Search engine optimization is the single most important factor in the success of your website. Designing a beautiful website is useless if no visitors view the site. Sadly, this is the case for the many websites on the web today. Stroup Images search engine optimization SEO can make your site easier to find on the web, improve website search rankings, and increase website traffic with proven Search Engine Optimization techniques and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising.

Understanding Your Users

The first step to increasing the visibility of your site on the web is to understand how your users interact with search engines. Because most users view only the first page of search results, good search placement is critical to getting users to your site. Identify the purpose of your website. Clearly identify your website audience. Stroup Images will use keyword research to identify what search engine requests your website audience is typing most frequently.

Custom Design for Search Engine Optimization

Stroup Images custom designs start with search engine optimization. Stroup Images will optimize your web design to make it easier for web search engines to find when users type your targeted phrases.

The Dangers of Flash

Many beautiful Flash websites can not be found by search engines, because the search engines can not index Flash properly. Stroup Images instead uses Flash to augment a website with creative content, taking care to implement the majority of the website outside of flash, where the search engines can easily find the content.

The Social Networking Explosion: Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Inbound links to your site have a major impact on website traffic and website search ranking. Facebook and Twitter can be effective ways to drive customers to your site. Stroup Images can integrate your website with social networking, create facebook pages, even design blogs and twitter custom themes to match your website.

Online Marketing and Pay Per Click PPC Advertising

For sites that need a little extra boost, Stroup Images can manage a Pay Per Click advertising campaign to position your website among the sponsored links at the top of search results, or place your ad on other websites.

Affordable SEO Packages

Stroup images offers an affordable search engine optimization seo service package with each web design contract.