Website Performance Optimization

Slow website speed can be a result of many different problems, including website software that does not meet current web design standards, slow servers, and poorly optimized code. A Stroup Images redesign can update your website to the latest standards and give your site a "New and Improved" look.

Image Optimization

Stroup Images can resize and optimize your images for the web. Image sizing can have a dramatic effect on web site speed.

The Importance of Web Standards

Websites with old or error-filled code can cause very slow websites. Modern browsers are effecient at handling website code that meets the current web standards. For code that does not meet the standards or contains errors, browsers take considerable more time to try to figure out what to display. Stroup Images can redesign your obsolete website to work better with current web browsers.

Use Cascading Style Sheets CSS for Website Layout, Not Table Layout

Cascading Style Sheets act as a theme to style your website. Many olders websites instead place the content of the website in nested tables on the webpage to design the layout of the webpage which can bog down browsers and reduce your web site speed.

Maintenance Hassles of Inline Styling

Separating the styling of your website from the content of your website makes styling changes like layout, color and font changes a much simpler task. Many older or poorly designed websites instead define the style directly in the content, a maintenance nightmare.

No Waiting on the Server with Ajax

Stroup Images can use Asychronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) to increase website speed by allowing users to interact with your page while waiting on the server to respond.